The Way of the Apache Scout



Last month I spent a week training with Kevin Reeve at Onpoint tactical, learning the way of the Apache Scout. I had a fantastic time and learned a great deal. Below is a article by Kevin that I have re-posted with his permission. In my next post I will share some of the things I learned and comment on some of the ways of the Apache scouts, to show you how you can also integrate them into you’re own lives.


The Secret Formula for Creating the New You!

create a new youIt’s been over four months now since many of us have created our New Years resolutions for 2015.

How’s it going so far?

Statistically, there is a great percentage of you that gave up on those newly created desires to change our life for the better within the first two weeks.

How does one truly put into place the new habits, and new actions needed to become this new person that many of us want to make a resolution to become?

Why do so many of us fail?

How To Integrate Your Life As a Warrior

2e209f36d5c431431956758e00b6e042What is the difference between being a Integrated  Warrior and just being a Warrior?

There are many warriors out in the world, yet many of them have not been taught to fully integrate their life. You have warriors striving to live by their code, struggling to never give in to the pressures of the world and the societies they live in.

Why are there warriors that are still struggling to make ends meet, struggling to provide for their families, working through the grind,day in and day out, yet still coming up short at the end of the month?

Why are their so many warriors that live with a great deal of conflict within themselves? Pain in their hearts, questioning their purpose? Why are you here on this earth? As a warrior, what is it that you’re supposed to be doing here? And as a Warrior, why isn’t this answer clear?!?

What is a Warrior?


What is a Warrior?

I have gotten this question a lot lately…For someone who feels the warrior at their core, we tend not to think about defining it much…we just are. We choose to live the path, day in, day out.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines warrior as

“a man engaged or experienced in warfare; broadly : a person engaged in some struggle or conflict”

It goes on to say that the origin of the word is middle english from anglo french meaning “to wage war”

As most warriors would agree, this definition is way to narrow and in many cases tells us almost nothing of what a warrior is in today’s society.